3D Technology Forum


Thursday, September 14th, 2017


08:20 - 17:00 (08:20 - 09:00 for registration)


Grande Luxe Banquet Grand Ballroom, Taipei, Taiwan


 3D IC, 3D interconnection for AI & High-End Computing


 Forum Chairman:

Dr.  C.P. Hung, VP Corp R&D, ASE Group / Chairman, SEMI Taiwan PKG&TEST Committee

 Forum Moderator: 

Dr.  C.P. Hung, VP Corp R&D, ASE Group / Chairman, SEMI Taiwan PKG&TEST Committee

 Forum Outline: 


2017 Global SiP Summit will bring up a new 3D Tech Forum, with leading players in advanced 3D domain, trying to extend the 3D territory with possible solutions to resolve challenges and continue the growing momentum with more value-add 3D technologies.

The continuous successful 2.5D IC FPGA launched in 2012 for homogeneous partition and heterogeneous GPU & 3D IC HBM since 2015 are based on advanced 3D building blocks:

1.Through Silicon Via (TSV) for 3D IC and Si-interposer of 2.5D IC;

2.Wafer bond and de-bond solution

 The above 3D architecture enabling higher data rate and higher computing efficiency, has an increasingly important role in pervasive & ambient computing such as VR/AR and AI, for new IoT era.  Our industry can’t wait to look for more cost effective solution, and new technology sophistication toward wider 3D architecture adoptions.

















Topic / Speaker

08:20 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:10

 Welcome Remarks by SEMI Executives

 Mr. Tom Salmon, Vice President Collaborative Technology Platforms, SEMI

 Opening Remark: 

 Dr. C.P. Hung, Vice President, ASE Group/ Chairman, SEMI Taiwan  PKG&TEST Committee

09:10 - 09:40

 Keynote1: Leading Foundry Perspective

 Speaker : TSMC

09:40 - 10:10

 Keynote 2: Advanced Packaging, Heterogeneous Integration, and Big Data

 Speaker: Dr. Hamid Azimi, Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Group Director, Substrate Packaging Technology Development, Intel

10:10 - 10:25


10:25 - 10:55 

 Topic 3: From technology to 3D-IC FPGA, what are needed?

 Speaker: Dr. Xin Wu, Vice President of Silicon Technology, Xilinx

10:55 - 11:25

 Topic 4: Accelerating Digital Transformation with Si Photonics Optical Engine

 Speaker: Mr. Nan Wang, Senior Director, Technology & Quality, Cisco

11:25 - 11:50

 Topic 5: Opportunities and Issues to the Semiconductor Industry in AI Arena

 Speaker: Mr. Ray Yang, Deputy Program Director, IEK/ITRI

11:50 - 12:15

 Panel Discussion

  • Morning session speakers

  • Moderator by  Mr. Ray Yang, Deputy Program Director, IEK/ITRI

12:15 - 13:30

 Lunch Break

13:30 - 13:35

 Opening Remark

 Dr.  C.P. Hung, VP Corp R&D, ASE Group / Chairman, SEMI Taiwan PKG&TEST Committee

13:35 - 14:05

 Topic 6: Challenges and Supply Chain Solutions for Advanced Packaging Technologies

 Speaker: Mr. David R. McCann, Vice President, Worldwide Post Fab Operations & Development, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

14:05 - 14:35

 Topic 7: Advancements in High Density Fan-out and Heterogeneous Integration

 Speaker: Mr. Curtis Zwenger, Vice President, Advanced Package & Technology Integration, Amkor

14:35 - 15:05

 Topic 8: Cost of 3D Packaging : How does FOWLP Stack up?

 Speaker: Mr. Chet Palesko, President, SavanSys Solutions, LLC

15:05 - 15:20


15:20 - 17:00

 Panel Session & Discussion

 Moderator: Ms. Kim Arnold, Executive Director, Advanced Packaging Business Unit, Brewer Science

15:20 - 15:45

 (P-1) New Enabling Materials for Fan-out Wafer-Level Packaging

          Dr. Tony Flaim, CTO, Brewer Science

15:45 - 16:10

 (P-2) Process and equipment technology for advanced wafer level packaging
          Mr. Albert Lan, Packaging TD, Applied Materials

16:10 - 16:35

 (P-3) 3D Heterogeneous Integration for Advanced SoC and Photonic Devices through Advanced  Wafer Bonding
          Mr. Markus Wimplinger, Corporate Technology Development & IP Director, EVG

16:35 - 17:00

 Panel Discussion

  • Afternoon session speakers

  • Moderator by Ms. Kim Arnold, Executive Director, Advanced Packaging Business Unit, Brewer Science


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■ Programs are subject to change without prior notice. 

■ All presentations will be conducted in English. 

■ No recording/photography during the seminar.



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Group Registration (July 15 - Aug 15)

3-5 people

6 people above



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SEMI Taiwan

Ms PonPon Lo

TEL: 886.3.560.1777 EXT. 511

Email: semiprogramtw@gmail.com


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