SEMICON Taiwan 2014
Sustainable Manufacturing Gallery
A significant shift in production technologies has been taking place in the manufacturing industries worldwide. High production efficiency and low cost are no longer the only criteria in manufacturing modern electronic products. In the 21st century, green manufacturing is not just a business or marketing consideration but a company’s strategic decision since green products and green production technologies will eventually become a competitive edge. These developments have more impact on export-oriented Taiwanese companies than those in other developed and developing countries.
Focal areas in green manufacturing include energy consumption, water consumption, hazardous substances management, waste reduction, emission reduction, and others. Because of the broad scope of green manufacturing and the rapid development of Taiwan’s LED and PV industries, SEMI Taiwan’s EHS activities have been expanded to green manufacturing in order to cover all arising issues facing Taiwan’s high-tech industries. The official formation of the Green Manufacturing Committee of SEMI Taiwan in 2010 clearly demonstrates Taiwan high-tech industries’ commitment to meet the challenges of sustainable development.
The request of producing high-performance, eco-friendly and energy saving products brings up the demand for green manufacturing. TSMC, UMC, MXIC, AUO, CMO and more device makers are trying to realize the concept of “design for green manufacturing”. 

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Sustainable Manufacturing Forum
Date:13:30 – 17:00, Wednesday, September 3, 2014







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