SEMICON Taiwan 2013 
MEMS Forum
Thursday, September 5th, 2013
Room 401, 4F, TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei
Theme : MEMS for Smart Living
Forum Chair:  
 Dr. Min-Shyong Lin, Chairman, SEMI Taiwan MEMS Committee / Honorary Chairman & Founder, Asia Pacific Microsystems, Inc.
Forum Co-Chair:
Dr. Chih-Kung Lee, Vice Chairman,SEMI Taiwan MEMS Committee / Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University

Morning Session Moderator:
Dr. Chih-Kung Lee, Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University

Afternoon Session Moderator:
Dr. Weileun Fang , Distinguished Professor , National Tsing Hua University
The pursuit of technology to advance the needs of human beings and which can increase the quality of life has been a recent trend termed “Smart Living”.  Simultaneously utilizing human creativity to sustain the environment for future generations is also an important driver in today’s industrial development strategy.  It is clear that a virtual/real coexistence associated with digital convergence and the internet revolution is strongly coupled with the advancement of Smart Living.  MEMS plays a role in linking the physical with the digital world.  Despite the current worldwide financial crisis and overall global industrial slowdown, MEMS has become an enabling technology which is driving the next wave of evolution for next-generation industries.  
To become an industrial driver and to meet the new digital generation requirement of “anytime, anywhere and anyplace”, a new type of product development strategy structure for MEMS is necessary.  Moving away from its previous perspective as a component, the MEMS industry has matured towards a more systems perspective which can propel its own growth.  Some important areas of MEMS-based applications include home gateways, home automation, new Human Machine Interface (HMI), real-time on-line human health detection, preventive biochip medicines, fabric embedded MEMS devices for clothing, devices enabling heterogeneous network connections, sensors embedded within heterogeneous network for Internet of Things (IoT) strategy, etc. To capture new market growth opportunities, it is essential to effectively integrate and leverage various resources from design, fabrication, and packaging, and more towards consumer testing in order to develop cost-effective and viable products which can contribute to the advancement of society.
In this MEMS Forum, we emphasize “MEMS for Smart Living”.  Many renowned MEMS leaders will share their valuable experiences and expert knowledge to discuss leading applications and development-based platforms for MEMS designs, packaging, testing and manufacturing.  We hope you enjoy the MEMS Forum.
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Time Topic & Speaker 
08:30–09:00 Registration 

Welcome Remarks

Dr. Min-Shyong LinChairman, SEMI Taiwan MEMS Committee / Honorary Chairman & Founder, Asia Pacific Microsystems, Inc.

Smart Systems for Internet of Things

Mr. Benedetto Vigna, Executive Vice President / General Manager, Analog, MEMS & Sensors Group, STMicroelectronics

MEMS Market Outlook:Steady Growth for MEMS in 2013 and Beyond

Mr. Pascal Viaud, Chief Strategy Officer, Yole Developpement Taiwan
10:10–10:30 Break Time
Application to RF MEMS / NEMS and 3D RFICs for Wireless Communication
Dr. Wen Cheng Lai, Director of Sys BG-Mobile Communication Product BU. / BD5-Systems R&D Director, ASUSTek Computer Inc.
MEMS Innovation in Automotive
Mr. Marc OSAJDA, Director Pressure Sensor Business Unit, Freescale Semiconductor
Path to MEMS Sensing System Integrations
Dr. Yang Zhao, President & CEO, MEMSIC, Inc.
12:00–13:20 Lunch Break
13:20–13:30 Welcome Remarks
BioMEMS Enabling Killer Apps in Healthcare & Lifestyle
Dr. Chris Van Hoof, Director Wearable Healthcare, IMEC
Integrated Packaging Solution in MEMS
Mr. Scott Chen, Vice President,Technical Support, ASE
Minimizing Cost of Calibration and Test(COCT)to Drive Cost Reduction of MEMS
Dr. Reinhart Richter, CEO, Multitest Electronic Systems
15:00–15:10 Break Time
Trends in Wafer Bonding for High Volume Consumer MEMS Applications
Mr. Markus Wimplinger, Corporate Technology Development & IP Director, EV Group 
*Lucky Draw for On-site Attendees 
MEMS Device Release With In-Situ Wafer Level Encapsulation – SPTS’ Multi-Technology Approach
Mr. Ian Wright, Regional Marketing Director for Asia, SPTS
An Emerging Dimension of Internet - of - Things System - Chemical MEMS Sensors
Dr. Chih Ting Lin , Associated Professor, Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center 
16:40 Adjourment
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● All presentations will be conducted in English.
● No recording/ photography during seminar.