Agenda At A Glance

Agenda At A Glance

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  • Technology Think Tank Summit Envision the Next 60 Years of Prosperity: Partnered with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Technology Think Tank Summit will gather numerous prestigious thought leaders from Taiwan high-tech industry to explore the momentum for the next technology development and economic growth, with a purpose of facilitating the industry transformation and reinforcing the competitive edges of Taiwan microelectronic industry. Besides Mr. Jong-Chin Sheng, Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, industry leaders including Mr. Barry Lam, Founder and Chairman of Quanta Computer, Mr. Young Liu, Chairman of Foxconn, Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman of TSMC, Dr. Tien Wu, President and CEO of ASE, Dr. Nicky Lu, Chairman and CEO of Etron Technology, Dr. Frank Huang, Chairman of Powerchip, and Chih-Yuan Lu, President of Macronix will give speeches at the event.
  • E-Innovation Forum  Creative destruction led by innovation is the most important driving force for technology invention and breakthroughs. Innovation Forum will disclose the global trend on future innovations and depict the roadmap of innovative technology development. Dr. Tsung-Tsong Wu, Minister without Portfolio of Executive Yuan, Dr. H.-S. Philip Wong, Vice President of Research and Development of TSMC and numerous thought leaders from the research institutes and academia around the world will share their exclusive insights. 
  • Beyond the Moore’s Law – Heterogenous Integration Now and Future: As heterogenous integration seen as the next key technology to drive the continuous advancement of semiconductor manufacturing, SEMICON Taiwan 2019 designs a series of events under the theme. SiP Global Summit will explore the shifted landscape and potential opportunities of semiconductor advanced packaging technology under the wave of AI and 5G applications. Reliability has become a key for electronic applications continuous improvement. To emphasize the importance of testing, Advanced Testing Forum first debuts this year, with Michael Campbell, Senior Vice President of Engineering of Qualcomm talking about the revolution of testing meteorology. Enhancing device performance, reducing power consumption, shrinking form factors, and lowering the cost have become the primary drivers that are challenging semiconductor manufacturers, and new materials are what will help device manufacturers achieve these goals. Strategic Materials Conference will debut first time in Taiwan this year, presenting you the challenges and opportunities of next generation semiconductor materials.
  • Semiconductors enable a Better Future With the ability to make billions of computations per second and store vast quantities of data, semiconductors are the brains of all modern electronics. SEMICON Taiwan offers a diverse platform, covering the entire semiconductor industry ecosystem, from IC design, manufacturing, software to system integration. Smart Transportation Forum connects industry elites across the electronics industry to automotive industry, inviting Berthold Hellenthal, Head of Comprehensive Semiconductor Strategy of Audi and Jack Cheng, Co-Founder of NIO to disclose the trends of future mobility. Computing power has become the threshold to success in the era of AI, and development of novel computing architectures has become one of the hot topics. Smart Data Global Summit invites Shahriar Rabii, Vice President of Facebook and Ian Smythe, Vice President of Marketing Programs of Arm to envision you with the truly connected and intelligent future.

Agenda Key

Advanced Packaging
Circular Economy
Connect to Applications
Connect to Technology
Power & Optoelectronics Semiconductor
High-Tech Facility
Keynotes & Executive Panels
Market Trend
MEMS & Sensors
SMART Automotive
SMART Manufacturing
Training & Development
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