Circular Economy Pavilion

Technology advancements have enabled rapid developments of social and economic activities since early 21st century, but human lifestyles are exerting dramatic impact on environmental conservation as an age of plenty often comes with mass production, excessive consumption and more wastes. A primary manufacturing base for the global semiconductor industry, Taiwan has to deal with inevitable wastes from complicated semiconductor manufacturing processes like spent sulfuric acid, developer, sludge and various types of organic/inorganic solution. Therefore, how to minimize the impact to the environment by properly collecting these wastes and improving their recycling rates has become the goal and responsibility of sustainability-minded semiconductor manufacturers.


In response to semiconductor manufacturers’ needs to improve recycling rates of wastes, SEMICON Taiwan will include a Circular Economy Pavilion for the very first time this year to showcase solutions on the management and recycling of waste organic/inorganic liquid., sludge, metal, exhaust and wastewater. Through the world-class annual event of semiconductor professionals, exhibitors will get maximal effects from the opportunity to interact face-to-face with over 45,000 buyers from around the world!


SEMICON Taiwan 2017 Circular Economy Pavilion Exhibitors comming soon....


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