Does SEMICON Taiwan provide Turnkey Package?

Decorated / Raw Space Exhibitors have the choice of selecting either raw exhibit space, in order to build their own custom exhibit, or a decorated exhibit booth that will be built by the official show decorator: PICO International Taiwan Ltd. Please refer to Exhibition Services Manual page, SECTION 3 “Decorating & Rental”and Online Exhibitor Service Center & Exhibitor Directory

PICO International Taiwan Ltd.,

Exhibitor at 1st floor:

Ms. Caroline Chen

Tel: 886.2.2753.5990 ext. 119

E-mail: semicon.tw.1@tw.pico.com

Exhibitor at 4th floor:

Ms. Elaine Chan

Tel: 886.2.2753.5990 ext. 110

E-mail: semicon.tw.4@tw.pico.com

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