Dear SEMICON Taiwan 2017 Exhibitors,


As of 19:00 on 12 September, Typhoon Talim is projected to track to the north of Taiwan with decreasing threat of direct landfall on Taiwan. The storm, however, is gaining strength and it remains possible that the Taipei area could be affected over the next 72 hours.


While it appears the storm center will not make landfall on Taiwan, tropical systems are unpredictable and as such we must remain vigilant. SEMI is taking measures to ensure the safety of all event participants should the Taipei city government issue a work cancellation order during the week of SEMICON Taiwan.


[NEW UPDATE] - Event Contingency Plan

The highest risk for work cancellation is likely to be Thursday, 14 September. Only in the event the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan issues a work cancellation order for 14 September, will SEMI implement a revised event schedule as follows:

Wednesday, 13 September, 10:00 – 17:00

Thursday, 14 September – Closed

Friday, 15 September, 10:00 – 17:00

Saturday, 16 September, 10:00 – 16:00


**In the event of a work cancellation order, all programs scheduled on September 14 will be cancelled. SEMI is reviewing options for making program content available at a future date, including through online broadcast.

**In the event SEMICON Taiwan show hours are disrupted by a work cancellation order, the 2018 Onsite Space Selection Appointment Schedule will be adjusted accordingly. SEMI will notify affected exhibitors via email and via the SEMICON Taiwan website (www.semicontaiwan.org/en/exhibit)

Notice for Exhibitors

Taiwan Equipment and Materials Market Forecast to Reach More Than US$18 Billion

Semiconductor fab equipment spending is expected to gain momentum through the end of 2016. For 2017, 13 percent growth is forecast. Activity in the 3D NAND, 10nm Logic, and Foundry segments is expected to push equipment spending up to US$36 billion in 2016 and to $41 billion in 2017.  The Taiwan semiconductor equipment and materials market is poised to remain the world’s largest, with equipment sales projected to approach $10 billion. For the sixth consecutive year, Taiwan has been the largest consumer of semiconductor materials due to its large foundry and  advanced packaging base, totaling $9.4 billion, according to the April 2016 Material Market Data Subscription (MMDS).


Taiwan’s world leadership extends across the microelectronics industry, from semiconductor to LEDs, MEMS and displays. In addition to being home to the world’s largest foundry business and the largest number of 300mm fabs, Taiwan also leads in IC packaging and test service and is the second largest market for IC design service and LED manufacturing.


SEMICON Taiwan 2017: Maximizing Your Access to the Dynamic Taiwan Market

No other event in Taiwan gives you more access to buyers and decision-makers than SEMICON Taiwan. It is the region’s number-one platform for showcasing products, demonstrating market and technology leadership, and engaging buyers from every one of Taiwan’s leading microelectronics companies.


The Theme Pavilions at SEMICON Taiwan 2017 are a great way to stand out from the crowd and showcase your unique manufacturing products and solutions in critical markets including

 ■ AOI Pavilion

 ■ CMP Pavilion

 ■ Compound Semiconductor Pavilion

 ■ High-Tech Facility Pavilion  ■ Laser Pavilion  ■ IC Manufacturing Pavilion

 ■ Materials Pavilion

 ■ Opto Semiconductor

 ■  Precision Machinery Pavilion

 ■ Secondary Market Pavilion

 ■ Smart Manufacturing & Automation Pavilion

 ■ Taiwan Localization Pavilion

 ■ World of IoT    

Region pavilions provide access to new business opportunities in Taiwan's procurement community, including:

 ■ Cross-Strait Pavilion

 ■ German Pavilion

 ■ Holland High-Tech Pavilion

 ■ Korea Pavilion

 ■ Kyushu (Japan) Pavilion

  ■ SICA Pavilion

 ■ Singapore Pavilion  ■ Technounity Zelenograd Innovation Cluster


Co-located Event: ITC Asia

ITC (International Test Conference) is the world's leading professional conference for test technologies, gathering global IC design and testing experts to share their insights on the latest technology trends in testing. Its topics focus on software and hardware improvements in manufacturing process and IC design, including equipment, components, systems, and application software used in design validation and debug, test, and failure analysis. In response to increasingly complex manufacturing processes and system integration requirements for emerging applications brought by Internet of Thing (IoT), cloud computing, and automotive electronics, ITC will be partnering with SEMICON Taiwan to be held in Asia for the first time in 2017. This conference will not only will connect the front end (design) and the back end (packaging & testing) of the entire semiconductor supply chain, but also will it promote communication and partnership while creating potential business opportunities.

Exhibit at SEMICON 2017

Exhibit at Materials or Smart Manufacturing Pavilion


Exhibit at High-Tech Facility Pavilion

Exhibit at ITC-Asia


SEMICON Taiwan Visitor Profile

SEMICON Taiwan is the premier event for microelectronic in Taiwan, 42% of the visitors is above management level and 46% is purchase decision maker. SEMICON Taiwan is your ideal platform to search for solutions and potential customers and partners.

SEMICON Taiwan 2016 Post Show Report will be forthcoming

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*Raw space is the rental of floor space only and does not include utilities, services, walls, carpet, furnishings, labor, or material handling.
**Pavilion packages include a specially design booth, theme branding, and exclusive promotion.



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