Flexible Hybrid Electronics Pavilion

As semiconductor technologies continue to evolve by leaps and bounds, electronic components have become smaller and faster. Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE), which combines semiconductor devices and screen-printed soft components, is the most-watched next-generation technology that can deliver high performance and make electronic components flexible. According to IDTechEx Research, a market research firm based in the U.K., OLED display will dominate as the FHE market continues to grow and the market is expected to be worth over US$69 billion by 2026, which is 2.5 times its current size.


In view of the great opportunities with flexible display and flexible sensors, SEMI formed a strategic alliance with FlexTech in 2016. Moreover, a Flexible Hybrid Electronics Pavilion will be set up at SEMICON Taiwan for the very first time this year. SEMICON Taiwan is the best platform for vendors to showcase their latest products/technologies, secure leadership in the market and interact with electronics buyers, as the annual event will bring together over 45,000 industry professionals and buyers from around the world.


SEMICON Taiwan 2017 Flexible Hybrid Electronics Pavilion comming soon....

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