Foreign Buyer Incentive Program

The invitation project is based on the Taiwan Trade Fairs Competitiveness Enhancement Project, 2017


Visitor Qualifications & Incentives

Visitor Type





Stipulations for Hotel accommodation & flight ticket

International Visitor

Hotel Accommodation


Visitor’s company is required to have a minimum annual revenue of USD 0.3 million for developed country1 or USD 0.1 million for emerging market countries2 at least one of last 3 years.


Hotel Accommodation:

1. A maximum subsidy of NTD 15,000 to be used only for lodging (up to 4 nights within show period and the night before the show starts) at selected room type, internet expense and airport pick-up service at selected accommodating hotels.

2. Visitor must stay in selected hotel at least 2 nights during the show period.

3. Contracted hotel will help arrange room reservation service and payments for all qualified international visitors. Please inform the hotel ASAP as you need to cancel the reservation and c.c. to Ms. Marvis Wu (mwu@semi.org), since regulations stipulate that the visitor should cover the fee for failing to promptly notify them of cancellation.

1. Developed countries are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.
2. Emerging market countries are countries that are not listed in Development countries list.


Note the following when applying:

1. Visitor must hold a non-Taiwanese passport, no residence permit in Taiwan.

2. One company is limited to one incentive.

3. Offer limited to Int’l visitor and Buyers only, no exhibitors.

4. No other subsidy from TAITRA per invited company this year.

5. If there is a discrepancy in buyer's name on the passport and business card, please inform the hotel before check out in order to properly arrange reimbursement documents.


How to Apply

SEMI and exhibitors are able to invite foreign buyers, please send the application to SEMI before Aug. 16th, SEMI and TAITRA will evaluate the qualification. Any failed applicant or excess expense will be taken by the exhibitor (who invites the buyers)

1. Visitors submit Incentive Application Form to SEMI.

   Download Application Form

2. SEMI and TAITRA reviews applicant’s qualification.

3. SEMI will notify applicants and will need applicant to contact hotel for reservation process.

4. Visitors must provide credit card info to hotel to secure reservation. Please provide SEMI the Reservation Number for confirmation.

5. Visitors must follow hotel’s cancellation policy. Visitors are responsible for cancellation charge if any and no-show charge.


Contracted Hotels

Please refer to the list as attached. Please kindly note that only the contracted hotel can apply for the incentive program.

Download Contracted Hotel List​

Expenses Claim

Please inform qualified visitors that the contracted hotel will offer the Reservation Request Form, and that the international visitors should provide the following documents to the hotel when checking out.

1. Copy of passport
2. Business card
3. Copy of international visitor badge
4. A completed visitor survey (Questionnaire regarding procurement orders must be completed)
5. Hotel Invoice with visitor’s signature
6. Visitor’s name and company name must be the same for all documents and matching to incentive application form and hotel booking form.
7. Subsidizedvisitorsareexpectedtocleartheiraccountsofpersonalexpenseswhencheckingout.



Please send the application to SEMI before August 16th. After verifying by SEMI and TAITRA, the invitee will get approval before the end of August. 



Exhibitor Service

SEMI Taiwan

Ms. Lynn Yeh ​ 

Tel: 886.3.560.1777 ext.312 

Email: lyeh@semi.org

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