Holland High Tech Pavilion

Since the beginning of its rapid development, the Taiwan semiconductor industry has very close ties with the Dutch semiconductor industry through flagship companies like Philips, ASML and NXP and continuous to do so through every element of the value chain.


The Dutch semiconductor industry is mainly located in the Eastern and Southern parts of the Netherlands and has its strength in microelectronics; process/technology research, production tools/equipment, electronic components and end user applications and generates an annual turnover of 10 Billion Euro.


This year’s Holland High-Tech Pavilion hosts 10 leading Dutch semiconductor companies and also the Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands. The pavilion features technologies and products in the field of mass-flow meters and control, high tech engineering, precision manufacturing, advanced surface mount technology (SMT), advanced packaging, advance particle monitoring systems and power protection.


SEMICON Taiwan 2015

 (Source:Holland High Tech Pavilion at the SEMICON 2015 Taiwan)

More information about Holland Pavilion will be comming...

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