In an era of continually advancing industrial globalization, Okinawa's geographical advantages are currently drawing attention. In recent years, Okinawa prefecture government had actively enhanced the industrial environment.

By establishing “Okinawa Special Economic zone”, Okinawa has become a new core of value-added manufacturing area in East Asia. Okinawa semiconductor industries also gradually thrive in this atmosphere. Some Japanese semiconductor equipment companies had targeted the geographical advantages of Okinawa and took it as the second manufacturing base in japan. Overseas companies can also use this model and set factory at Okinawa Special Economic Zone.

This model can not only reduce the time cost of delivery but also obtain the quality assurance reputation of ‘Made in Japan’. If you want to learn more about Okinawa semiconductor business and investment information, welcome to Okinawa Prefecture Pavilion in 2018 SEMICON Taiwan. We will provide penetrating information and commentary.

SEMICON Taiwan 2019 Okinawa (Japan) Pavilion Exhibitors

I3223 NanoSystem Solutions, Inc.
I3223 Okinawa Prefectural Government
I3223 Shibuya Corporation


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