“More than Moore” has prompted industry players to look for alternative ways to boost productivity. Facilities for 200mm and 300mm processes, for example, will also be used to develop low-power technologies for IoT devices.

Secondary Market Pavilion in SEMICON Taiwan 2019 will include transaction, renovation, component cleaning and repair, installation and modification, and alternative materials. SEMICON Taiwan Secondary Market Pavilion offers diverse and cost-effective solutions for semiconductor industry in Taiwan.

SEMICON Taiwan 2019 Secondary Market Pavilion Exhibitors 

L1004  Adelis Associates Pte Ltd.
L0025  CSE Co., Ltd.
L0026  Goodwill Tech Co., Ltd.
L0024  E-Tech Solution Co., Ltd.
L1008  EQUVO Pte Ltd
L1107  Pro-Hanns Technology CO., LTD
L1104  PTW Asia Pte Ltd
L1105  Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. (SEM)
L1010  SurplusGLOBAL, Inc.
L1100  TMH Inc.
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