Jacky Xian/ 先越

Sitech Electric Automobile


He founded Sitech Electric Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. in September 2017 and served as CEO, leading Sitech to create a speed miracle in the development of the industry and made Sitech become the fastest growing enterprise in China's emerging automobile industry.

In 2014, he visited France, the United States and other places to study and to introduce foreign advanced electric vehicle charging technology with operation model to China. Based on years of experience, he summed up and innovated the "Internet + New Energy" innovation model which meets the needs of the Chinese market.

He also founded Xinneng Dianzhuang Technology Co., Ltd. in September 2014 and this company was successfully listed on the New Third Board in August 2016 after a joint acquisition. Through practice and exploration, the company first proposed the new operation of “car-pile-net” model in China.

He started entering to  the automotive Internet industry in 2012, has served BMW, GM, Volkswagen, Geely and other automotive brands, owns experience both in the Internet and automotive industries.

He has served as a senior executive of Internet companies such as Kingsoft &JoYo, Elong. He was one of the earliest people to enter the Internet industry.

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