MEMS & Sensors 論壇

504bc 會議室/ 南港展覽館5樓 Tuesday, September 17
8:30am to 4:40pm

Date :  Sep. 17th, 2019
Time :  08:30 – 16:40
Venue :  504BC, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Theme :  Edge Sensing to Edge AI for Life


Human beings currently experience a fast-changing world, which is overwhelmed by artificial intelligence (AI) in all kinds of aspects, thus greatly influencing our life, and this is just the beginning. Although AI has been developed for several decades, its progress is not significant until miniaturized, high performance and cost-effective sensors available. However, there are still many challenges hindering the real implementation of AI into our life (i.e., edge or local), including handling of trillion raw data from sensors, limited bandwidth and speed of wireless communication, and insufficient capacity and calculation efficiency of cloud. As such, this brings “Edge Sensing to Edge AI for Life” to be the main theme of the 2019 SEMICON Taiwan MEMS & Sensors Forum. The invited presentations this year will unveil the state-of-the-art Edge technology and local intelligence in sensors, modules, and application scenarios, as well as their eco-systems such as edge computing, 5G communication, cloud, big data, algorithm, and AI layers, thus enabling a real Edge era. Foreseeing the trends enabled by the Edge era, the forum this year features four categories including automotive and AI/Applications/Smart Life, with excellent presentations offered by flagship companies worldwide.



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Mr. Berthold Hellenthal
Head of Audi Comprehensive Semiconductor Strategy
Mr. Todd Lin / 林功藝
COO & CTO / 營運長兼技術長
Egis Technology Inc. / 神盾股份有限公司
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