蘇孟宗 / Mr. Stephen Su


蘇孟宗 / Mr. Stephen Su


General Director


Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center (IEK)of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)


  • MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA

  • Electrical Engineering MSc from California Institute of Technology, USA

  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science BSc from UC Berkeley, USA


  • Principal, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Shanghai

  • Sr. Director, Consumer Electronics, Primax Electronics Ltd., Taipei

  • Case Leader, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Hong Kong

  • Applications Engineer, Semiconductor Group, Motorola, Phoenix


Stephen Su is the General Director of Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center (IEK) in Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), currently in charge of market research in industry economic and technology trends over a wide range of high-tech and traditional industries.  Prior to that, he was a Principal in Roland Berger Strategy Consultants based in Shanghai.  He served as a Senior Director in charge of mobile phone accessory business division for Primax Electronics based in Taipei. Upon returning to Asia in 1994, he assumed the role of Project Leader in Boston Consulting Group (BCG) based in Hong Kong. Starting in US, he was an Applications Engineer in the Semiconductor Group of Motorola based in Phoenix. His professional specialties include Strategy, Performance Improvement, Changing of Organization, Business Process Redesign, and Marketing. Stephen received BSc in Electronic/Computer Engineering from UC Berkeley, MSc in Electronics from California Institute of Technology, and MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Professional Specialty:

  • Strategy, operations Improvement, organization change management, business process redesign, new product development and marketing, investment due diligence, manufacturing management

  • Chairman of Committee on Regulations and Standards, Cloud Computing Association in Taiwan (CCAT) (2010-Present)

  • Executive Director, Asia Pacific Industrial Analysts Association (APIAA) (2011-Present)

  • Taiwan Food and Drug Administration(TFDA) Food Safety Technology Project Performance Evaluation Committee

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA) Industrial Development Advisory Council

 Speech Abstract:

 Sensing and Sensibility for Smart City with Intelligent Transportation​

Urbanization, including the growth of population and urban areas, is a common phenomenon in the world and exerts significant pressure on authorities. Among challenges to urban development, transportation is likely at high priority to be resolved. Around the world, it’s a common issue of time and energy wasting and even economic losses due to inefficient traffic management and lack of real-time information about parking spaces. Moreover, accidents reduction and safety enhancement are key targets for intelligent transportation.

Advanced sensors together with big data analytics will help authorities and people to monitor, consume, and even generate useful information to make transportation better and effective, as well as to lead to a smart and sustainable city.

In this speech, worldwide and Taiwan’s use cases in smart city and intelligent transportation will be discussed where sensing and data collection together with broadband infrastructure and cloud will altogether play important roles. In other words, sensor (module) vendors must pay attention to and get involved in the whole ecosystem to increase their product’s value. Sensor technology development and market trends in smart city and intelligent transportation will also be addressed. 


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