Dr. Jin Young Kim



Dr. Jin Young Kim


Vice President


Corporate R&D, Amkor Technology


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, KAIST


  • VP, Product development, Corporate R&D,


  • Amkor “Super Brain” awarded in 2012



Kim is Vice President of corporate R&D at Amkor

He received the B.E. degree in mechanical engineering from the Han Yang Univ. and the M.S. and Ph. D degrees in mechanical engineering from the KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science of Technology ) In 2000, he joined Amkor and has led key R&D projects in many technology areas including ultra thin PoP, system level package integration, wafer/panel scale Fan-out, 2.5D and 3D TSV technologies. Kim has authored numerous technical publications and has been granted many US patents in advanced packaging areas. Amkor awards of the Super Brain for his contribution to the field of new technology development in 2012.


 Speech Abstract:

 Large Die Assembly Technology in TSV Package – Overcome the Die Warpag

With the increasing demand for high performance application, assembly of large dies becomes common in these days. As the die size increases, the warpage of the die is increased and the possibility of non-wetting also increases especially in CoS (Chip-on-Substrate) process. Currently two approaches are endeavored in Amkor. First, individual die’s warpage is controlled by adding inorganic layers with appropriate stress level. Second, dies are attached on a flat interposer or logic wafer ahead of bonding on an organic substrate, so called CoWoS (Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate). Amkor is adopting both technologies to provide high quality package with low coplanarity. This speech presents the TSV technology solutions for the back end processing of TSV based wafers, also referred to as MEOL and 2.5D/3D IC architectures assemblies


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