Dr. Spike Narayan



Dr. Spike Narayan




Science and Technology, IBM Research, Almaden


  • PhD in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA



  • Director, Science and Technology, IBM Research - Almaden,  2011-Present

  • Functional Manager, Science and Technology, IBM Research - Almaden, 2009-2011

  • Senior Manager, Science and Technology, IBM Research - Almaden, 2004 – 2009

  • Corporate Award for "e-fuse Technology in Semiconductor Integrated Circuits", May 2016

  • Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for Invention and Implementation of e-fuse for CMOS, March 2015>50 US Patents granted




Dr. Chandrasekhar (Spike) Narayan is presently the Director of Science and Technology at IBM Research – Almaden in San Jose, California. He is responsible for both fundamental and applied research and is a leader in managing innovation. He drives research in the areas of nanoscale science and engineering, nanoscale device integration, spin based electronics, advanced materials development and characterization, storage technologies and computational materials science. He is also responsible for driving materials innovation in the areas water, energy, environment and health care.

Previously, Dr. Narayan has held several research and management positions in IBM at both Almaden and Watson Research Laboratories and has received many awards for his technical contributions. In addition, he is a Master Inventor within IBM Research and has over 50 US Patents to his credit and is a Member of IBM’s Academy of Technology. 

Dr. Narayan earned his Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgy from Indian Institute of Technology, a Master of Science and a PhD in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from Lehigh University, USA.


 Speech Abstract:

 Advancing the Frontiers of Information Technology through Hardware Innovation

As we enter the world of big data, the capabilities and limits of traditional von-Neumann computing architectures are being tested. This combined with Moore’s law limits has re-energized research in the area of alternate computing architectures. We, at IBM Research, are exploring how we can advance the frontiers of information technology through the physical sciences and hardware innovation. The talk will outline the Frontiers Institute Initiative that IBM Research has started with a few select partners. The talk will also address how new post von-Neumann computing architectures can be impacted by hardware innovation. Hardware for quantum computing, machine learning and machine intelligence will be discussed briefly.


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