Dr. Michael Czerniak


 Dr. Michael Czerniak


 Environmental Solutions Business Development Manager


 Marketing, Edwards



  • PhD Manchester University (UK), 1982




  • Starting his professional career with Philips, initially in their UK R+D labs & subsequently in the fab in Nijmegen, Holland, Mike has worked in the semiconductor business. He had subsequent marketing roles at UK-based OEMs Cambridge Instruments, VSW and VG Semicon before joining Edwards 21 years ago. He has held various technical and marketing positions before beginning his current role 2 years ago.

    Mike has numerous published articles and patents to his name, co-chairs a SEMI standards committee, participates in the IRDS, is a UK PFC “expert” on IPCC and has authored chapters on Vacuum and Environmental issues in the forthcoming Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook.




 Speech Abstract:

 Regulatory Compliance in a High Tech Environment-Implications of RoHS, COP21, & WSC2020 on  semiconductor manufacture

Meeting statutory compliance requirements is an evolving, challenging and resource-hungry exercise for everyone throughout the supply chain.

This paper analyses Edwards’ approach to RoHS and REACH from the perspective of a supplier of vacuum and gas abatement equipment to the semiconductor industry.

The second part of the paper reviews how the pre-emptive actions of the WSC on behalf of the semiconductor industry have achieved significant reductions in the emissions of PFC (perflourinated compounds) by 2010, are stretching the targets for 2020, and how there is still a performance “gap” in terms of global CF4 atmospheric emissions.

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