趙興華​ / Mr. Walter Jau



趙興華 / Mr. Walter Jau                              

Sr. Technical Director

Adv. Tech Development Div., ASE Group


  • Ph.D. of Industrial Design, candidate

  • Master of Chemical Eng. N.C.K.U.


  • Director of Corp R&D, ASE Group

  • Bumping Product Manager, ASEKH

  • Substrate R&D Manager, ASEE

  • SA BU R&D Manager, Coventive Tech.

  • Packaging  Process Supervisor, ASEKH

  • Owned 42+ patents



  • Walter Jau is currently technical director of advanced technology development of corporate R&D at ASE Group.  Before this, he held various technical and managerial positions in the field of bumping WLCSP product engineering, advanced thermally enhanced BGA development, organic substrate R&D, technical product marketing, and focused customer program in ASE Group since 1995.  He has been recently involved in various programs pushing forefront of heterogeneous process integration with assembly and material synergy for advanced packaging such as Fan-out wafer level package, Embedded chip, Coreless embedded trace substrate, and Smart wearable sensors from process engineering and product design.

  • Walter is also holding Ph.D. Candidate of Industrial Design, with master degree of Chemical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University.

  • Since 2007, He had actively contributed to the tech forum of Global SiP Summit through organizing committee for Semicon Taiwan, and IMPACT conference.

  • Prior to re-joining ASE, he worked as R&D manager in system integration for Linux based Server & Network Storage Appliances, in ICT industry.






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