林進祥 / Dr. John Lin


林進祥 / Dr. John Lin

Director, Lithography,

Research & Development



  • Ph.D. Opto-Electronics, University of Oxford, UK, (BA from NCTU)


  • Director, Advanced Lithography Application Division, TSMC

  • Vice President and General Manager, G450C international consortium  

  • Director of Manufacturing Technology Center, TSMC



  • John Lin is currently director of  Advanced Lithography Application Division.

  • He has worked on semiconductor technology development in ITRI (sub-Micron Project) and then to spin-off  Vanguard Semiconductor from 1994 to 1998.

  • One of the key managers led TSMC lithography and mask technology development from 0.35mm down to 45nm nodes from technology development to ramp up from 1998 to 2006.

  • Director of TSMC Manufacturing Technology Center since 2006 to 2012, mainly focused on manufacturing technology development, including manufacturing and engineering infrastructure system development, new Giga Fab design, automation system, key module manufacturability, equipment CIP, New tool to HVM tool roadmap development, and supplier-chain management.

  • Vice President and General Manager of Operation of G450C international consortium since 2012 to July, 2014


  • Inventor / co-inventor of 79 US patents awarded, Author/co-author for more than 25 technical papers published.

  • Received National Award of “2003 Top 10 Excellent Young Engineers” from Taiwan President Office.

  • Received 2006 TSMC Innovation Award from Chairman Dr. Morris Chang

  • Received National Award of “2008 Top 10 Outstanding Contribution Engineers” from Taiwan President Office.






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