梁朝陽 / Chow Yang Neo



梁朝陽 / Chow Yang Neo​


Director of Marketing, Asia Pacific


Emerson Automation Solutions



  • M.S., Manufacturing, Loughborough University, UK



  • Oversee Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Marketing Communications, Sales Empowerment and Digital Marketing

  • Experienced B to B Sales and Marketing leader of Industrial / High Tech Solutions




  • The pervasive impact promised by the Internet of Things (IoT) is inevitable, even for manufacturing industries.

          On the other hand, based on benchmark analysis of Top Quartile Performers, Top Quartile Performers compared to the industry average they experience:

  • 3x fewer safety incidents

  • 2 weeks extra production availability/reliability

  • 30 percent lower CO2 emissions

  • 20 percent lower operating costs


  •  This speech is to present overview and practices that manufacturers how to achieve top performance in the areas of safety, reliability, energy and production by leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) through the plant web digital system architecture.





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