周中哲 / Chung-Che Chou



周中哲 / Chung-Che Chou

Professor & Director


Center for Earthquake Engineering Research

National Taiwan University


  • Ph.D., University of California, San Diego




  • 2012 - present, Director of CEER, NTU

  • 2011 - present, Professor of CE, NTU

  • 31 patents, 88 journal papers

  • 128 conference papers




  • The presentation focuses on the development of smart monitoring and earthquake reduction technologies developed for high-tech fabs. The structural response caused by micro vibration or earthquake motions can be monitored and the system can be further implemented into a warning system. A new lever viscoelastic damping wall (LVDW), dual-core self-centering brace (DC-SCB) and sandwiched buckling-restrained brace (SBRB) that are aimed to reduce seismic drifts of high-tech fabs in small and large earthquakes have been studied in the last few years at the National Taiwan University, Taiwan. These seismic-resisting devices were tested statically or dynamically at NCREE to verify the performance. Inelastic time-history analyses were also conducted on a high-tech fab and office to investigate the seismic performance. Application of the devices is underway in several projects.​





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