柯正浩 / Dr. Cheng-Hao Ko



柯正浩 / Dr. Cheng-Hao Ko


Zetta Chip Inc.


  • PhD Physics, State University of New York at Stony Brook (Stony Brook University), USA

  • BS Physics, National Taiwan U., Taiwan


  • Inventor of spectro chip

  • Project leader, Spectro chip project

  • Project leader, Hyperspectral imaging project



  • Smart-phone based spectroscopic technology is regarded as the next generation spectroscopy by optical communities worldwide due to its powerful features and huge market demands when combined with smart-phone based applications. 

  • We have developed an Optical Spectral Sensor (OSS) that can be integrated with smart-phone based applications and it is also IoT ready for personal health care, food safety monitoring and environmental spectral sensing, etc.

  • We will demonstrate the IoT capability (with WiFi, BLE/Bluetooth connectivity) of our OSS module and an APP that consolidates hundreds to thousands of test-strip/reagent detections with a single OSS handheld device.

  • With wide deployment of this sensor, the OSS module can generate biological big data and enables biological cloud-based applications.





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