Dr. Kevin Moraes



Dr. Kevin Moraes

Managing Director, Global Product Management 

Metal Deposition Products

Applied Materials, Inc.



  • Ph.D. in materials science and Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • BA from the University of California, Berkeley



  • Kevin Moraes is responsible for extending Applied’s leadership in metals and PVD deposition, and extending product roadmaps for ALD/CVD and PVD in metal deposition applications. Under his direction, the MDP group has strengthened its lead in its core semiconductor product segments, while developing products for new applications that have significantly grown the business.



  • Growing demand for high performance integrated circuits (ICs) has led to aggressive shrinking of devices. Interconnect speed is rapidly becoming a performance bottleneck. Longer wires, coupled with smaller and more closely packed interconnects, are leading to a continuous increase in resistance and capacitance, exacerbating RC interconnect delay. Meeting the interconnect RC challenge requires innovations in the dielectric, barrier/seed, plating, and capping processes. This presentation will review advances in barrier/seed, capping, and etch stop layer technologies that are facilitating nanoscale interconnect fabrication.





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