盧志遠 / Dr. C. Y. Lu



盧志遠 / Dr. C. Y. Lu

President, Macronix International Co., Ltd.

Chairman & CEO, Ardentec Corporation


  • Ph.D., Physics, Columbia University('77)



  • President('98-'99), VP('94-'98), Vanguard International

  • Deputy General Dir.('89-'94), ERSO/ITRI;  Chief Dir., National Submicron Project by MOEA

  • MTS('84-'89), AT&T Bell Labs

  • Editor,('94-'09), IEEE Trans. Electron Devices




  • After more than a decade of phenomenal scaling the conventional floating gate (FG) NAND Flash memory has now reached its limit at just above 10nm node. Ironically, Charge-trapping (CT) devices, which promise to scale beyond FG also cannot break the barrier at below 10nm – both have too few electrons for robust MLC, TLC, or QLC storage. Fortunately, 3D Nonvolatile Memories has continued to follow the Moore’s law curve for density increase and optimistically this will continue for at least another decade. Furthermore, recently announced 3D cross point memory promises to provide DRAM-like performance at substantially lower cost than DRAM, that will further enhance system performance. Thanks to new innovations the memory landscape looks anything but bleak despite technical challenges.





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