丁文琪 / Dr.Wenchi Ting



丁文琪 / Dr .Wenchi Ting

Associate Vice President

Specialty Technology of UMC


  • Ph. D, The U. of Texas at Austin



  • Joined UMC in Jan. 2017, responsible for Specialty Technology Development.

  • Since 1991, having served in various development and management capacities for companies such as Cypress, Macronix, TSMC and NXP.




  • IoT requires a number of specialty technology elements as enablers, including RF, MEMS sensors, BCD, and embedded non-volatile memory which are integrated into proper logic platforms. The various IoT “preferences” such as low cost and ultra low power add to the complexity of the solutions, presenting special challenges and opportunities. This talk covers the general trends and UMC’s activities in developing technology solutions tailored to such requirements.





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