西垣 寿彦 / Mr. Toshihiko Nishigaki



西垣 寿彦 / Mr. Toshihiko Nishigaki

Vice President and General Manager

Technology Strategy Division

Tokyo Electron Limited


  • Osaka University, Electronics



  • TKL SVP, Development Division




  • The high EUV source (~250W level) for EUV lithography is getting ready and EUV introduction is believed to come soon. Still there are challenges such as Cost of Ownership (CoO) and reliability of EUV resist process including defectivity and pattern collapse. For improving CoO, high sensitivity resist with acceptable roughness performance is desired. In this talk, Photosensitized Chemically Amplified ResistTM (PSCARTM) is to be introduced as a new EUV resist sensitivity improvement method. The PSCAR can enhance the resist sensitivity with the help of UV flood exposure after EUV exposure. Also the defectivity reduction for EUV resist is one of the important items for improving device yield. The New Dispense System (NDS) in the coater and developer system will be introduced to mitigate the embedded defectivity in thin EUV resist stacks. In addition, the advanced rinse material for expanding EUV resist process window with reduced pattern collapse will be discussed in this talk.





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