馬堅勇 / Dr. Chien-Yung, Ma



馬堅勇 / Dr. Chien-Yung, Ma

Chairman & CEO

Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp.


  • Ph.D., Metallurgy, Universität Stuttgart, Germany.


  • Chairman & CEO, SOLAR

  • Chairman, Forcera

  • General Manager, SOLAR

  • General Manager, Touch Micro-system Technology Corp. (tMt)

  • Supervisor, Materials and Electro-Optics Research Division in CSIST



  • Semiconductor has always been at the forefront of the industrial development. Recently, high-end technologies and innovation are being broken through continuously in terms of the invention of new materials. The use of material elements in the 30 years ago was only 10 species, however, it has increased to more than 50 species presently. During the generation alternation of technologies and products, obviously if people starts the materials R&D from scratch, it can not catch up with the drastic change of demands. Therefore, the effectively integrated expertise from various fields is becoming increasingly crucial. In this forum, the topic regarding how to use jumping evolution to accelerate the generation changes of technologies and products, by magnetic materials being applied to new generation memory is explored and presented.





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