Dr. Ashutosh Misra



Dr. Ashutosh Misra


Air Liquide


  • Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry


  • Worldwide Director of ALOHA™ Electronics Performance Materials Air Liquide

  • Director of Materials Development Air Liquide 



As the Chief Technology Officer of Air Liquide Electronics, Ashutosh is responsible for defining the global technical vision and product development strategies of the Electronics Business Line. 

Prior to his current position, he was the Worldwide Director of ALOHA™ Electronics Performance Materials, where he oversaw Air Liquide’s advanced precursor business that supplies leading edge materials for CVD and ALD processes. 

From 2001-2008, as Director of Materials Development, Ashutosh lead the accelerated development and screening of advanced precursors and surface preparation products for semiconductor applications. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and was nominated as Air Liquide Group Fellow in 2013.




The rapid pace of introduction of novel materials in advanced semiconductor manufacturing requires a collaborative, yet pragmatic, common sense driven approach. In recent years, adoption timelines have shrunk considerably, leading to possibility of less-than-mature materials making their way to fabs. The talk will address scale-up, regulatory and safety compliance as well as analytical challenges in material introduction process, and ways to address them.





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