范淑珍 / Ms. Candice Fan



范淑珍 / Ms. Candice Fan

Global Strategic Sourcing Manager

Linde Electronics


  • MBA, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA


  • Kuklicke & Soffa,  APAC Customer Service Manager

  • Linde Group, Global Strategic Sourcing Manager, Electronics Materials



  • The renewed emphasis on developing semiconductor manufacturing in mainland China creates new dynamics in the supply of electronics materials on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. We examine not only the requirements of new fabs in China, but also the increasing number of new electronic chemical producers. Material suppliers must manage new challenges all along the supply chain:  ocean transportation, inbound and outbound customs, differing regulations of ports, warehousing, cylinder certifications, and inland transportation.

  • Incumbent international chip makers, including many from Taiwan, are establishing or expanding their footprint in the Mainland to take advantage of incentives and to become closer to customers and consumers. Because of their hard-won experience earned during the ramp of leading-edge capacity, these customers are looking for copy-exact technology transfers, including their material supplies.  Meanwhile new domestic manufacturers need to start entire supply chains. Electronic materials suppliers must meet the needs of both groups.

  • The government plan also fosters the entire semiconductor ecosystem, including chemical producers.  Building upon the strong industrial chemical infrastructure, new electronic chemical makers are being born. While diversity of supply sources is ultimately healthy for the semiconductor sector, many of these new producers are not experienced in the safety, purity, and quality requirements for electronics manufacturing. Leading material suppliers need to work with these new entrants in a variety of ways in order to develop robust supply chains for domestic and global customers.





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