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  • As automotive IC fabrication process transition to sub-40 nm 12-inch wafers, customers are exploring more efficient testing solutions on the V93000 direct dock system due to increased die per wafer. While the parallelism and probing area requirement increase, the wafer probing on automotive ICs also face new challenges. The failure rate in automotive ICs requires close to none, and zero-defect ICs, wide temperature range testing and minimum pad damage are the key demanding requirements on wafer probing test. These requirements challenge probe card suppliers to provide a product solution to maintain the probe’s thermal planarity across a large probing area and wide temperature range, reduce probe pressure to minimize pad damage prevent dielectric punch-through. To address these challenges, FormFactor collaborated with Advantest to develop TrueScale Matrix probe cards for Advantest 93000 direct dock system, enabling up to 128 DUT parallel test on automotive micro-controller device at -40°C to 130°C. The presentation will highlight extensive engineering characterization results on prober deflection and thermal behavior, high pin count probe card AOT vs. POT, and low force MEMS probe on wafer pad to achieve zero defect IC wafer probing requirement.





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