野中敏央 / Dr. Toshihisa Nonaka



野中敏央 / Dr. Toshihisa Nonaka

Technical Director

Hitachi Chemical


  • 1986 BS       The University of Tokyo

  • 1995 Ph.D.   Nagoya University


  • Leading of Advanced Package Assembly  Process development

             - Fan out, 2.1D, 3D and etc. 

             - Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.,



  • Technology of the advanced package is always evolving. Requirement for material and equipment for such package is changing rapidly. Open Innovation is known as an effective approach to generate and accelerate the new technology. Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. has found the semiconductor assembly open laboratory in June 2014 at Tsukuba city Japan.  It is the semiconductor assembly open innovation base of Hitachi Chemical. The first step expansion of the facility  was done in 2016 and the second step will be finished in.

  • The company has almost full line up of assembly material. So they can build the many type packages by their own materials and facilities under the assembly material cluster strategy. But the market demand is sometimes too fast to be met  by only the internal resource.  In such case Hitachi Chemical positively takes the way of the open innovation. We have started the JOINT (Jisso Open Innovation Networks of Tops) project in March 2016. It is the co-work to build the test vehicles and develop the new technologies participated by multi companies, which are equipment and material  manufactures. Hitachi Chemical is contributing both as one of material  manufactures and process developers.  Each company take part in the project providing their strong technologies, which is a kind of ecosystem. Those activities are will be presented at the conference.





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