陳振頤 / Dr. JenYi Chen



陳振頤 / Dr. JenYi Chen


Merry Electronics


  • Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University, 2001


  • MEMS and ECM R&D Dept.

  • Holds 28 issued patents



  • Microphone is a fundamental component for transducing sound pressure to electrical domain. More than five billion MEMS microphones are produced annually. The market trend in microphones including MEMS and ECM are presented from a provider’s point of view. In the growing world of smart audio devices, joint-design of electroacoustic, mechanism, software, and acoustic simulation are important for the success of ultimate products.

  • With the desire for more functionality as well as smaller size, the microphone packaging are optimized to meet small form factor, high performance and low cost requirements. Three types of silicon sensing element that were developed at Merry are also described.

  • By adding intelligence to microphones, devices can recognize your voice excellent and do thing for you.





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