Dr. Pierric Gueguen



​Dr. Pierric Gueguen

Business Unit Manager

Power Electronics, Compound Semiconductor, Energy & Battery Management

Yole Développement


  • PhD in Micro and Nano Electronics


  • PhD student at CEA-Leti in the field of 3D Integration for Integrated Circuits and Advanced Packaging

  • Technical project manager in Renault R&D division



  • Telecommunication and wireless infrastructure are driving RF Power industry toward a new era of semiconductor components. Emergence of 5G standards will require higher frequency and higher power for the base stations power amplifier that Silicon LDMOS will probably not been able to provide. Similarly, the needs for lower CO2 emissions have led Power Electronic industry to develop more efficient and smaller solutions.

    In both RF and Power Electronics, the increased power density results in strong technology challenges calling for innovations on different levels: semiconductor material, packaging materials, device design… Several new power device designs have emerged in the last years, principally driven by the severely challenging requirements for high power density and integration.

    Compound Semiconductors (GaN & SiC) are identified as the next generation Power semiconductors. Their integration within packages and power converter is shaping the supply chain organization with emergence of new business models. 

    All these technology trends are creating opportunities for some material suppliers. In recent years, we have seen consolidation among power semiconductor market leaders with several acquisitions. Nevertheless, in coming years the market leaders will face strong competition from new entrants ( China, Tier-1 automotive manufacturers). Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test companies (OSATs) could also propose services to provide advanced packaging technologies to power device manufacturers. 

    Within this presentation, Yole Développement will highlight the latest material and technology trends and the impact they will have on the supply chain.





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