張祖轁 / Mr. Cho Tao, Cheung / Otto



張祖轁 / Mr. Cho Tao, Cheung / Otto

Product Marketing Manager

ASM Pacific Technology


  • B.S., Information technology, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology


  • More than 12 years consumer consultation in Turret base IC test handling system

  • Specialization focuses on advanced features & system development for the future Turret base IC test handling system



  • The presentation will be focused on the challenges nowadays on the packing and inspection processes for wafer level packages with “SMART MACHINE” concept. The SMART Concept, is especially important to the automotive market, has been designed and implemented for the purpose of easy operation, less skill dependent and reliable quality, which can enhance the overall system up time and reduce human errors. The SMART concept implementation into the facility is done on both hardware and software basis. Advance solution to address the new trends detecting the demanding micro defects will also be presented, which is a key process to solve the challenges facing in today’s wafer level package applications.





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