Dr. Phil Nigh



Dr. Phil Nigh

Distinguished Member of Tech. Staff



  • PhD, Carnegie Mellon


  • IBM, 1983-2015

  • GLOBALFOUNDRIES, 2015-present



  The proliferation of semiconductors in Automobiles to enable driver-assist and self-driving is a clear industry trend.   To meet the quality & reliability (Q&R) objectives for these ICs, we must change the way we implement design-for-test and what we do for production testing.   This talk will describe the most important test-related changes including:

  • Each IC will continuously run Built-in Self-test (BIST) and self-repair during Auto operation (memory & logic, ISO26262)

  • System-level fault tolerance

  • End-to-End Statistical Test methods and Adaptive Testing will be required to meet Quality requirements (AEC-Q100)

  • Test flows & methods must be continuously optimized to meet strict Q&R requirements – while still meeting low cost objectives

  • Advanced fault models and higher coverage targets





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