Mr. Richard Barnett



Mr. Richard Barnett

Etch Product Manager

SPTS Technologies


  • Richard holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering for Material Engineering and Electronics from the University of Nottingham


  • Richard Barnett is Etch Product Manager at SPTS, an Orbotech company, and has 20 years’ experience in the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries. Prior to his current role, Richard worked in product management and as a process engineer at both Aviza and Surface Technology Systems (STS), prior to their merger to form SPTS. Earlier in his career Richard worked at Pure Wafer plc, Lucas Aerospace and European Semiconductor Manufacturing, and began his career with LG Semiconductor as a member of their first overseas fab engineering team in the diffusion/wet-etch process group.



  • Over the past few years, the MEMS market has seen the proliferation of devices based on piezoelectric materials such as PZT and AlN, in applications as varied as MEMS microphones, energy harvesting, fingerprint sensors, accelerometers and pressure sensors. Compared to well-established silicon-based MEMS devices, these materials introduce new challenges to wafer processing, in particular with respect to etch rates and productivity.  This presentation will give the latest results from the most recent plasma etch developments, focussing on enhancing etch capabilities and lowering cost of ownership with increased MTBC performance.





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