林志明 / Mr. Frankwell Li



林志明 / Mr. Frankwell Li




Andes Technology Co.


  • MSEE, Portland State University, USA


  • President and Co-founder of Andes Technology Co.

  • Chairman of TEIA (Taiwan Embedded Industry Alliance)

  • V.P. and Board Member of Faraday Technology Co.



  • ​There are wide range of IoT markets and products including the smart grid, machine to machine, industrial automation, connected home, auto industry, gaming applications, databases, sensors, VoIP, routers, appliances, cloud services, etc. In devices made for these system or gadgets, security becomes critical. Now that AI is also an emerging application. Both IoT security and AI bring new challenge to technology developers, such challenge include how to combine embedded processors and other IP, computing algorithms, solutions and new technologies to derive secure IoT and AI application. For system on chip (SoC) to be developed for these application, the demand for powerful yet low power processors keeps high. To support various application and design, Andes Technology Corporation (Andes) announced its fifth generation ISA AndeStar™ V5 with both 64 bit and 32 bit offerings for the world to leverage. Both could be fast and compact embedded processor strong base for designers to design secured IoT application and AI devices. Andes allied with hundred third parties in its knect.me ecosystem aims for supporting world’s development on secured IoT devices and AI devices, in this presentation, how Andes’ solution and partners’ offerings could be combined to solve IoT security challenges will be introduced. Andes’ view on AI technology development will be introduced too.





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