黃智堯 / Mr. Lewis Huang



黃智堯 / Mr. Lewis Huang

副總經理 / Vice President 



  • KUAS – Industrial Engineering and  Management



  • Senju Metal Industry Co., Taiwan Branch over 18 years

  • SEMI Taiwan Assembly and testing Committee member

  • SEMI Taiwan Materials Committee member

  • TPCA Technology Development Committee member

  • IMPACT Technology Program Committee member

  • ECTC Materials and Process Committee member



  According to automotive industry new request, TCT have to pass over 3000 cycles. Form material development perspective, if could not change the solder alloy composition with Bi immediately, but still need to pass this harsh criteria, we’d like to suggest to adopt the epoxy flux to reinforce the reliability.

Nowadays sensing devices are installed in every electronic product, the new devices have been developed and continues to expand. The new sensing device mostly belongs to weak heat resistance component and it continues to evolve day by day.

Also due to the request for thinning and low profile of the products, packages are becoming thinner and thinner, therefore the quality problems such as flux cleanness and warpage during reflow etc. are increasing.

To solve above problems, we improved flux clean ability and introduced low temperature paste in the industry, but comes some reliability issues including resin peeling and solder joint crack when falling.

In order to solve these issues, 『joint protection flux and paste』was developed. The impact resistance solder joints are achieved and reinforced the reliability by flux adhesion function.

In addition, since the cleaning process can be reduced, low cost also could be achieved. Furthermore, we also overcome the unique problems such like overflow and big void during process by our owned technology.






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