Mr. Risto Tuominen



Mr. Risto Tuominen

Consultant to GE

GE Licensing & Technology Ventures (GE-LTV)

General Electric


  • 1999, M.Sc., Electronics Production Technology, Aalto University, Finland


  • 2013 - Consultant to GE in the field of Microelectronics Packaging

  • 2002 – 2013, Imbera Electronics Oy. Founder of Imbera, worked in various positions including CEO & CTO.

  • Inventor or co-inventor in more than 140 patents or patent applications.



  • GE has a long tradition in developing solutions for component embedding technologies. The original Chips First technology was developed at GE GRC Niskayuna, NY in the mid 80s.

  • Over that past few years, GE has focused on establishing a supply chain to support commercial manufacturing of the GE developed Power Overlay technology (POL). GE partners include industry leading companies that will support GE internal production needs as well as other production needs in the electronics market.

  • POL technology uses a thin dielectric film onto which active and/or passive components are attached. Electrical connections to the components are done using a microvia technology.

  • POL technology is a platform of processes aimed to support applications from high density consumer electronics to high power industrial applications.

  • GE is adopting commercial production of SiC power conversion modules that are based on the POL technology. The POL technology enables significant improvement in device power density and parasitic losses.





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