Mr. Jérôme AZEMAR



Mr. Jérôme AZEMAR

Senior Market and Technology Analyst

Yole Développement


  • M. Sc in Applied Physics, National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA), Toulouse, France


  • Senior Market & Technology Analyst, Yole Développement (since 2013)

  • Process engineer, STMicroelectronics (3 years)

  • Application Engineer, ASML (3 years)

  • Author of numerous reports and studies focused on Advanced Packaging, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Power Electronics



This presentation describes technical and market challenges and status of Fan-Out Packaging platforms

Fan-Out Packaging playground

-Numerous players entered the arena willing to benefit from TSMC’s Fan-Out buzz

-This induces numerous flavours of Fan-Out that have different characteristics and target different applications

Fan-Out Packaging market forecast and analysis

-Fan-Out market is growing But there are 2 markets: « Core » and « High-density ». While « core » is growing steadily, « high-density » has yet to find other « killer app » than Apple’s APE 

Fan-Out on panel

Panel manufacturing is coming… but many challenges to face!





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