Mr. Chet Palesko



Mr. Chet Palesko


SavanSys Solutions LLC


  • MBA, Masters in E.E.


  • President, SavanSys Solutions LLC

  • COO, Foresight Systems, Inc.

  • General Manager, IC Layout Division, Mentor Graphics Corp.



  • There has been significant progress in recent years among advanced packaging technologies due to the industry’s demand for thinner, faster products with higher performance. The term 3D packaging includes a variety of options for stacking die and components on top of each other.  3D technologies range from embedding a die in a PCB and placing die and components on the board to direct silicon to silicon stacking using through silicon vias for interconnect.  All of these technologies have advantages and disadvantages, but there has been particular focus on the many varieties of fan-out wafer level packaging as a competitive option in all cases. This presentation will explore the primary cost drivers of FOWLP and other 3D packaging technologies. Examples of actual design comparisons will be evaluated.





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