Dr. Tony D. Flaim



Dr. Tony D. Flaim

Chief Technical Officer

Brewer Science


  • Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (1983) from Missouri School of Science & Technology (MS&T), Rolla, MO (USA).


  • CTO of Brewer Science since 2008

  • Lead inventor on more than 30 US and international patents

  • Principal author of more than 25 publications and conference presentations on microelectronic materials and processes



  • There seems to be endless fanfare about fan-out!  But rightfully so.  Fan-out is a powerful wafer-level packaging technology that can potentially offer the high interconnect density and large I/O bandwidth of 2.5-D and 3-D packages at lower cost while also serving as an ideal platform for heterogeneous integration and system-in-package creation.

  • Carrier-assisted substrate handling, sometimes referred to as temporary wafer bonding, is an integral need in many of the current fan-out packaging flows, including both chip-first and chip-last processes.  It is important that the bonding materials and release layers used for temporary bonding are designed properly to meet the thermal, mechanical, and chemical compatibility requirements imposed by the specific steps in the flow.  Our presentation will provide a rationale for effective temporary bonding material design and selection depending on the fan-out application in question.

  • At the same time, we see new core material possibilities for fan-out packages that might eliminate problems with warping, die shifting, and height matching during fabrication.  Our presentation will outline a new fan-out flow that utilizes a high-temperature thermoplastic with exceptional mechanical strength and dimensional stability as a matrix for fan-out package construction. 





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