王耀東 / Dr. Simon Wang



王耀東 / Dr. Simon Wang


Senior Director


IoT Business Development




  • Ph.D. degree in Chem Eng, Columbia University


  • TSMC Sr. Dir. IoT Business Development

  • Macronix VP

  • Intel, Program Manager, Process Development



  • IoT will connect billions of smart devices to be the next growth driver of semiconductor industry.

  • On-device intelligence to make services faster, more reliable and secure, as well as allowing them to deal with more complex situations.

  • Computation capacity will increase in IoT end-devices, while ultra-low-power technology will be required to improve energy efficiency on a limited power budget.

  • Sensor innovations will further “humanize” devices through capabilities to handle natural language, detect emotion, identify threats, and anticipate our needs.

  • All of these advancement will make IoT devices integral to people’s daily lives.





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