陳國益 / Frank Chen



陳國益 / Frank Chen

General Manager

Mega Union Technology Inc. 


  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology



  • Vice President at Ionics before 2005

  • General Manager of Mega Union Technology Inc. till now




Mr. Chen is currently as General Manager at Mega Union Technology Incorporated. Mr. Chen leads Mega Union as the head of Waste Water and Reclaim treatment System in Semicon Industry. MU has built the Waste Water and Reclaim System from 45nm to 7 nm of the process in Semicon Production. Be the total Green Water Solution company, Mr. Chen is devoted to research and develop the waste water and chemical reclaim to reduce the waste discharge and waste activation and reuse. Those research not only save the semicon production cost but protect our environment from the waste and chemical pollution.

Mr. Chen is the leader of research and development. For those years, Mr. Chen has got lots of patents, including:

Waste water include TOC treatment method 2011~2027

TMAH Reclaim Equipment 2013~2029

Waste Water Reclaim treatment system and method 2016~2030

Acidic Waste Water Reclaim method 2011~2027

TMAH Reclaim Equipment and method (China) 2013~2032

Waste water include NH3 treatment method and equipment 2014~2031

TMAH reclaim Equipment and method 2013~2029

2 Phase Vacuum degasifier tower 2012~2027





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