Mr. Nimrod Bar-Yaakov



Mr. Nimrod Bar-Yaakov

Director, Laser Drilling Product Line

Orbotech Ltd


  • Executive MBA, Recanati Business School, Tel-Aviv University

  • M.Sc. in Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University


  • Product Line Marketing Manager, PCB division, Orbotech

  • Project Manager - Automated Optical Repair product, PCB division, Orbotech

  • SW Discipline Manager, Orbotech

  • Algorithm Team Leader, Computer vision and Geometric algorithms, Orbotech



  • The demand for ever-smaller devices with more features and higher performance for a lower cost, continues to drive the semiconductor industry to adopt new and innovative packaging solutions.  These packaging schemes can incorporate a range of different conducting, semiconducting and insulating materials, and creating accurate and reliable electrical interconnects between different layers of a package is a key challenge to realise the promised benefits of 2.5D/3D and WLP packaging.  This presentation will discuss the latest UV laser solution for creating microvias in a variety of materials such as metal, passivation, mold compounds, and dielectric layers.  This technology enables the extremely accurate formation of small via interconnects at very high speeds, for minimal total cost of ownership and can be applied in emerging packaging solutions such as FCCSP/BGA, Hybrid Interposer, CIS , embedded die and TMV for PoP.





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