劉保才 / Mr. Melvin Low



劉保才 / Mr. Melvin Low




  • Bachelors Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore


  • Concurrent CEO OF EQUVO & Fooderlon 褔德隆 Asset Management

  • VP / Managing Director, Asia, Global Electronics Solutions, GE Capital

  • VP / Director, Comdisco Asia

  • Regional Manager, Teradyne, South Asia Pacific, Assembly Test



  • The semiconductor industry has traditionally been funded via shareholders investments and large syndicated loans.  

  • Over the years to attract the investments, governments have been providing grants, incentives and tax holidays to help defray costs.   Recently, more game changing means involves governments providing subsidized land and /or building with very low interest rates and long repayment periods.

  • Fundamentally, in any business, the measure of success is still the return on equity (ROE) for shareholders’ money, whether in the form of dividends or stock price appreciation.  The semiconductor industry went through a period of stagnated growth in the 15 years prior to the recent few years.

  • With the impending increase in capacity in semiconductor manufacturing (many aided by government), potential new competition, price drops, companies have to re-evaluate how it grows or use capital to stay competitive.

  • While this is going on in the industry, on the investment front sophisticated Asia investors are finding out they have to reduce their concentration in real estate investment and diversify towards safer, yet more lucrative fixed income products.

  • The speaker will touch on financing the semiconductor industry with non-traditional means to draw fixed income investors to the semiconductor industry via asset-backed financing products.





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