岡田利久 / Mr. Toshihisa Okada



岡田利久 / Mr. Toshihisa Okada​


Technology Development General Division, Electronics Company



  • Tokyo Institute of Technology



  • Planning and Developmemt of glass substrate for FOWLP / FOPLP

  • Development of polymer waveguide for silicon photonics

  • Development of glass ceramics for LED substrate




Glass is widely used in the semiconductor field, since glass has excellent mechanical and optical properties compared with other materials.

In this presentation, we will review promising semiconductor market and introduce about novel glass and technology solution we provide.

Glass wafer and panel which have finely tuned CTE characteristics to fit each Fan-Out packaging process.

Glass wafer which is perfectly matched with Si-wafer’s CTE for MEMS and LCOS

Through-Glass-Via (TGV) for 3D packaging. 

Original glass carrier system with high temperature durability.





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