Mr. Byung Wook Choi




Mr. Byung Wook Choi

Manufacturing Practice Leader

Asia Pacific Practice



  • Majored STATISTICS


  • SAS : APAC,  Practice Lead of Manufacturing

  • SKTelecom , Manager, Big data business architecture/consultant/ Analytics consulting

  • SAS : Korea, Senior Principle Consultant

  • SK C&C : DBA, System Engineer

  • SPSS: Presales, Project Manager

  • StatSoft: System Engineer, CAE



  • Byungwook has strong ability in presales consulting for Manufacturing and Digital Marketing area with creativity based on data analytical solutions More than 18 years’ experience . 

  • Strong consultant experience in yield management for High-tech, Steel, and Chemical businesses especially relative to quality and yield improvement

  • As a manufacturing consultant, providing diagnostics, problem solving, data analysis, requirement analysis & system development service with global clients

  • Analytic major in predictive asset maintenance for High-tech, and Steel Verticals as well as following areas

  • IT Resource Management , Early-warning for System Failure 

  • Network traffic & analysis for telecommunications, Abnormal detection for Big Data 

  • Statistical monitoring / early warning for process, Root-cause Analysis for Quality

  • Create mid-term data from Big data to summary: decomposition & descriptive summary

  • Text Analytics for process management and facility management

  • In Big data area in Telco, plan/design/develop/consulting for Digital Marketing Solution based on previous experience in sensing/analysis/modeling.

  • On/Offline channel data collection & integration for Omni-Channel marketing

  • Customer Segmentation & data analysis modeling for Insight

  • Real-time campaign with EBM for Target event / Offering with customizing open sources

  • Customer Intelligence for Retail – Business consulting for Digital Marketing




Regarding all of APAC semiconductor company, most company had different level of data handling and analysis use and automation,

as my presentation, introduce data analysis level by start from data collection / mining for quality to monitoring by pattern analysis and machine learning by big data infrastructure with smart factory.





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