Dr. Xin Wu


Dr. Xin Wu

Vice President of Silicon Technology



  • Received PhD and MSc, University of California Berkeley and Peking University


  • Joint Xilinx since 1993

  • Worked from 0.6um till now 7nm, more than 14 generations of technologies, from many foundries.  

  • Responsible of silicon, 3D-IC and advanced package technology development in Xilinx. 



  • Despite of more challenging in silicon technology in recent nodes, FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) has grown significantly,  in both capacity and capability, more than Moore’s Law.  Various technologies, such as silicon, 3D-IC and advanced packaging integration allow continual FPGA advancement into new data center, 5G wireless and automotive applications.

  • In this presentation author intends to use Xilinx’s experiences to explain the necessary system level joint efforts in order to make 3D-IC FPGA products.  These include technology, architecture, software, design, packaging, thermal solutions, product testing as well as operations co-optimization.

  • A brief discussion on several in-development 3D-IC and packaging technologies, which might impact future FPGAs, will also be given.







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